Acupressure mats have gained popularity recently due to their ability to help with pain relief, relaxation, and improved circulation. If you’ve ever wondered about those intriguing spiked mats, read on! With Spoonk Acupressure Mat, you can rejuvenate your senses and harmonize your body without needing a pricey robot masseuse.

As an acupressure expert, I have tried and tested various acupressure mats, and in this article, I will provide you with an in-depth review of the Spoonk Acupressure Mat. After my in-depth analysis and review, we will determine whether the Spoonk Acupressure Mat deserves a place in our esteemed Guide of Best Acupressure Mats

TL; DR: Key Takeaway about Spoonk Acupressure Mat Review

A significant drawback of the Spoonk Acupressure Mat is the pyramid form spikes. I already wrote that I wouldn’t like pyramid-shaped massage elements, and there are many reasons for this. Having used the Spoonk Mat at least five times, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the experience. The materials didn’t feel as high quality or comfortable as other top brands. Despite giving it a fair trial, I found myself drifting back to the Pranamat ECO due to its superior materials and more effective spikes. It also remains unclear the production process of acupressure mats – where they are produced and by whom. One gets the impression that these are just acupressure mats that can be ordered on Aliexpress more cheaply and without the Spoonk brand label. I would not include this mat in my “Best Acupressure Mats” Guide. But I repeat – this Spoonk acupressure mate is as effective as the others brands and gives the same amount of benefits.

Spoonk Organic Hemp Acupressure Mat
“At first I wasn’t sure what to expect. It does feel a little “itchy” when you first try it. Probably from all the little acupressure points and my back not being used to it. And it might seem a bit intense, but only at first. If it’s too much you can always put on a slightly thicker shirt. By the third (or maybe second) time I used it, I was so relaxed! I’ve had it about a week and I’ve used it every day.”

Evaluating the quality of an acupressure mat

I have already described in detail on my website what the best acupressure mat should be. But here, I will give a short version of how and why I evaluate separately all the elements that make up the acupressure mat.

  1. Materials: High-quality acupressure mats are typically made with a cotton cover and plant-based, non-toxic foam inside. The acupressure spikes should be made of HIPS plastic, which is non-toxic and skin-safe. Avoid mats made with synthetic fabrics and adhesives, as they can have an unpleasant odor and lose their hold when exposed to sweat.
  2. Spikes: The spikes’ number, shape, and material are important. A good mat should have between 6,000 and 8,000 spikes. The spikes should ideally be shaped like a lotus and made from HIPS plastic, which is more expensive but eco-friendly than cheap plastic.
  3. Mat Filler: The filler should not be too soft or too hard. It should provide enough resistance for the acupressure effect without damaging the skin. Some brands use springy coconut fiber that doesn’t compress under pressure.
  4. Mat Size: Consider whether the mat is only suitable for a back massage or if it comes in a set for full body massage.
  5. Cover Materials: The cover material can be cotton, linen, or other materials. High-quality cotton is preferable as it helps to wick sweat from your body.
  6. Customer Reviews: Feedback from customers can provide valuable insights into the quality and effectiveness of the mat

Each of these mat elements has its own pros and cons, and the best choice depends on your specific needs and budget. Let’s dive in. 

What is the Spoonk Acupressure Mat?

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat comes in different sizes and materials, with the most popular being the hemp-foam combination. However, the quality of materials has come under question. While the mat boasts organic materials, the overall feel is less luxurious and durable than mats like Pranamat ECO, which uses high-quality natural fibers and has a noticeably better finish.

How does the Spoonk Mat work?

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat consists of thousands of stimulation points made of non-toxic ABS plastic. The stimulation points are made to stimulate the pressure points in the body, similar to acupressure massage or Shiatsu massage. The mat is designed to be used on the floor and on the bed or couch in combination with the Spoonk Space pillow.

What are the benefits of using the Spoonk Acupressure Mat?

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat has many benefits. It can help relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation, improve circulation, and relieve pain. The stimulation points can target problematic areas, and lying on the mat creates a sensation of relaxation and increased blood flow. The mat can also help stimulate hormone release, promote better sleep, and ease headaches.

How does the Spoonk Acupressure Mat compare to other acupressure mats?

What are the differences between the Spoonk Acupressure Mat and other acupressure mats on the market?

Compared to other acupressure mats on the market, the Spoonk Acupressure Mat is unique because it uses organic materials. The Spoonk Organic Hemp Mat is made from Global Organic Textile Standard-certified organic cotton and hemp. The mats are filled with plant-based foam, and the stimulation points are made of non-toxic ABS plastic. This means that the mat is environmentally friendly and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

Does the Spoonk Acupressure Mat use organic materials, and why is that important?

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat said they use organic materials such as cotton and hemp. It is essential because conventional cotton farming contributes to releasing toxic chemicals and pesticides that can harm the environment and farm workers. Additionally, organic cotton is softer and more comfortable than conventional cotton, making the Spoonk Acupressure Mat a more luxurious option than other acupressure mats on the market.

What are the benefits of using an acupressure mat?

How does using an acupressure mat help with pain relief?

Using an acupressure mat can help with pain relief by targeting pressure points in the body that correspond to pain. As pressure is applied to these points, endorphins are released in the body, which can help reduce pain and make the body feel more relaxed.

What are the benefits of using an acupressure mat for relaxation?

Using an acupressure mat can promote relaxation by increasing blood flow and releasing tension in the body’s muscles. The sensation of lying on the acupressure mats also triggers the body’s relaxation response and can even promote better sleep.

How does using an acupressure mat improve circulation?

Stimulating the pressure points on the acupressure mat can help improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body. Improved circulation can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues, improving overall health and wellness.

Is the Spoonk Acupressure Mat worth considering?

In summary, while the Spoonk Acupressure Mat offers the standard benefits of acupressure mats, the quality of materials and design of the spikes may leave you wanting. Personally, I found other brands to be a more appealing choice in terms of comfort and quality. But the choice, ultimately, depends on individual preferences and budget considerations.

What do customers say about the Spoonk Acupressure Mat?

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat has received numerous positive reviews from customers. Many have reported that the mat has helped them relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and even improve sleep quality. One customer wrote, “I cannot express how much I love my Spoonk Acupressure Mat and how much it has helped me with my back pain. It’s a game-changer.”

How does the Spoonk Acupressure Mat compare to other relaxation and pain relief techniques?

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat can be an effective alternative to other relaxation and pain relief techniques such as massage or acupuncture. It is less expensive and more convenient than regularly seeing a massage therapist or acupuncturist.

What key features make the Spoonk Acupressure Mat a great investment?

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat is a great investment because of its organic and recyclable materials, the consistent and evenly spaced stimulations points, and its effectiveness in promoting relaxation, pain relief, and improved circulation.

Answering your question about Spoonk organic hemp acupressure mat

Q: Does the Spoonk Acupressure Mat come in different sizes?

A: Yes, the Spoonk Acupressure Mat is available in various sizes, including a travel size and a standard size. The travel-size mat is compact and portable, while the standard-size mat is designed for use on a bed or floor.

Q: Is the Spoonk Acupressure Mat safe for people with sensitive skin?

A: The Spoonk Acupressure Mat is designed to be safe for people with sensitive skin. However, some users may experience temporary discomfort or skin irritation when using the mat for the first time. If you have sensitive skin, starting with a shorter session of using the mat and gradually increasing the duration over time is recommended.

Q: How long does it take to get used to the Spoonk Acupressure Mat?

A: The time it takes to get used to the Spoonk Acupressure Mat varies from person to person. Some users report experiencing immediate relief and relaxation, while others may take several sessions or longer to get used to the feeling of the acupressure points on their skin.

Q: Can the Spoonk Acupressure Mat help to reduce muscle stiffness and tension?

A: The Spoonk Acupressure Mat is designed to help reduce muscle stiffness and tension by stimulating increased blood circulation and promoting relaxation.

Q: Can the Spoonk Acupressure Mat be used as a foot massage tool?

A: Yes, the Spoonk Acupressure Mat can be used as a foot massage tool to help stimulate blood circulation and reduce tension in the feet and legs.

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